Because miscarriage is generally not recognized as a loss, many women lack the
necessary support to deal effectively with their grief.

Many women feel unprepared to deal with the ramifications of their lost pregnancies alone.

The loss of a pregnancy can be misunderstood by friends and family leaving women and their
partners to feel unsupported and isolated.

Has This Miscarriage Negatively Affected You?
Do you feel sad when you think about the miscarriage?

Are you having difficulty understanding your partner's grief?

Are you unable to find importance in other people and activities?

Do you feel obsessed with becoming pregnant again?  

Get Support
Individual counseling:

Debrief and work through your miscarriage experience at your own pace.  

Discover the meaning in what you have endured.

Build confidence in your body.

Assess readiness for a subsequent pregnancy.

Make peace with your decision to try again or to stop trying.

Couples counseling:

An environment in which partners are invited to express their own sadness.

Learn how to be a support to your partner.

Communicate about the unique needs of a woman who has miscarried.

Consultation is available for medical staff wishing to increase their knowledge of the psychological
aspects that women and their partners experience after a pregnancy loss.
What is the
Difference between
Grief and
Depression After
Pregnancy Loss?
By Katherine Stone
Rebecca Brabo Silva, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor