Rebecca Brabo Silva, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I will encourage and challenge you to discover your own truths in
an accepting environment. I am a genuine, honest witness with whom to
access your own power and find solutions to problems. Therapy can be
a life-altering process that leaves you happier and able to live more fully.

My therapeutic approach stems from Person-Centered therapy which uses the
relationship between the therapist and client as its main point of influence.  As a
member of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study, I have an interest in
psychoanalytic thought as a guide to attaining deeper meaning in relationships and life.

Ethical Considerations
Ethical guidelines are an important part of the therapeutic relationship. I consider
anything that acts in contrary to the health and well being of my clients to be unethical,
and act accordingly to rectify the situation.  In addition, should a client require services
which are not offered by my office, I will work with this client to assess their needs and
provide referrals for another clinician.

Under most circumstances our sessions are completely confidential.  There are some
circumstances however, in which I am required by law to report information about
sessions.  These circumstances include: if a client is threatening bodily harm to
him/herself or to someone else, or if there is suspected child or elder abuse, or abuse of
the disabled.  If my records are subpoenaed, then I am required to provide them.  In
addition, I regularly review my work with a psychotherapy consultant and occasionally
with a professional consultation group.  If and when it is necessary to consult with these
individuals regarding a client's work I will make every effort to protect the client's

Rebecca Brabo Silva, MA, LMHC
Psychotherapist in Seattle