Rebecca Brabo Silva, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

This is all I've ever wanted, why do I feel so sad?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time; some women feel a deeper connection with
themselves and their growing baby.  

It's no surprise however, that with the physical, hormonal and emotional changes, one
can also feel sad or fearful about what's to come.

About 10-20% of pregnant women feel some sad or depressed feelings.  25-50% will
experience more serious symptoms of depression during their pregnancy.

Commonly reported symptoms:
- Persistent sadness
- Sleeping too little or too much
- Overeating/undereating
- Guilt
- Hopelessness
- Loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy

What to do
- Ask for support from a friend, partner, or family member
- Tell your OB/GYN about your mood symptoms
Schedule an appointment with a mental health professional to see whether or not          
       you would benefit from ongoing support through your pregnancy.