- Are you having
trouble moving
forward and feel tired
of being stuck?

- Do you struggle with
balancing the different
pressures in your life?

- Do you want to
believe in your own
worthiness again?

I work with women and men who are struggling with depression, anxiety,
life transitions, grief and loss, individuation, and parenting.  

I assist couples to learn new relationship moves that allow each partner to feel
understood, respected, and desired.  I will help you redefine a distressed
relationship as one that is a safe haven.  

I work with adolescents who have mood disorders as well as those who are
coping with general teen difficulties.  For parents struggling with talking with
their teenagers, I can offer support and guidance as well as communication tools.

Infertility, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Postpartum
I specialize in working with women and their partners on issues related to
miscarriage, pregnancy and postpartum adjustment.
Rebecca Brabo Silva, MA, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor